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VH3.96 vertical sticker

Technical requirements:
1. Plastic material: LCP (UL94V-0)
2. Contact: tinned brass
3. Contact resistance: ≤ 30mΩ
4. Insulation resistance: ≤1000MΩ
5. Rated voltage: 250V ACDC
6. Rated current: 7.0A ACDC
7. Withstand voltage: withstand 1000VAC/Minute
8. Operating temperature: -25℃~+85℃
9. Solderability test: tin dipping area ≥ 95%,
temperature 260,time 2.5+0.5 seconds
10. The content of six harmful substances,
such as lead and cadmium, should meet the
environmental requirements


Needle seat series

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